Specialized Design Services
Specialized Design Services

I love being an artist, designer and teacher of art.

"My life will be a canvas that screams glorious masterpiece". This is the inspiration for each piece of work I create, whether it be for graphics or fine art.


I have studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh graduating with a degree in Visual Communication. I have also continued my education under the tutelage of many artists in the Pittsburgh area practicing oils, watercolors and pastels. My medium of choice is oil on canvas using a palette knife which creates texture, life and movement.


I run my own freelance graphic design studio specializing in the branding of large or small business owners to help propel them to the next level of their success and growth through branding and marketing. My software skills include all the Adobe software programs.


I have taken my experiences with art and now teach it to others. My philosophy is to share art with the world. It impacts everything we do and we are surrounded by it. Whether it is graphic design or fine art, art should make the viewer think, or to feel emotions, I want people to reminisce about a place they visited. Or maybe they have a memory that art makes them tap into.


I want to create work that touches the human soul. Each piece has something in it that viewers can relate to, whether they realize it or not. Art is beautiful and I want my pieces to portray that. Art breathes life. 

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